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   We've been infatuated with each other since '69, but didn't know it until 1989. 



This is Tallulah, who holds the keys to our kingdom. She is incredibly smitten with, and oh so happily beholden to, the love of her life, Russell.

Tallulah graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of West GA's Psychology Dept. The West GA BA was followed shortly by An MSW from Tuscaloosa's very own U of A.


Russell is Tallulah's favorite subject matter. True story. <3


This is Russell in one of his most comfortable elements.  We'll let him speak for himself. 

 Hey Guys and Gals!

 Russell here. Y’all may remember me from a large wedding/corporate event company based in Atlanta. Though it is sad to leave them, I was thrilled when Tallulah offered me the opportunity to head her Southeast division. I couldn't resist the benefit package she offered me—it’s  over the top! I now have the freedom to let my creativity run wild and be the rule breaker and game changer that I was born to be! Savannah, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tenn. look out! I'm bringing the Properly Weird brand to you!

 It's a privilege to partner with a kindred spirit like Tallulah. Her flame burns brighter that most and she uses it to champion causes she believes in. With her insightful ideas and photography, she'll pick up your agenda and make it all it can be. The stories she weaves with still and moving images will paint a lasting impression in your heart and soul; you’ll see the star that you are!

Guess what Russell's favorite subject is!


Properly Weird X'2!



  This is Jan, who speaks fluent English, French, and German. She also speaks 2nd grade Hebrew—Biblical Hebrew.

Jan is a smart cookie! We love Jan; you will too!

The day Russell met Jan he knew that Tallulah needed to meet her too, and that we would become friends. He said to Tallulah, “She’s weird like us!” We're thrilled to be partnering with Jan and know that she’ll bring so much to the table. Jan is just as Properly Weird as we are!

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