You know those people who have odd and exceptional ideas, and just roll with it? We’re those people!

Fancy hats, fancy phones, fancy props. Fancy that? Maybe the proper in your weird has a fancy side! Your proper will become our proper; together we will keep it weird—Properly Weird!

In addition to our Properly Weird (and uncommonly fun) photo booths, we also offer a Properly Weird perspective in photography and video for weddings, events, couples/engagement shoots, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, as well as other photographic opportunities.

The amenities we offer are typically referred to as services. We, however, don’t tend to see things with a “typical” sort of perspective. As a result, what you thought would be an ordinary service becomes an exceptional (or weird) experience! 

Each person in our company has a vested interest in providing an experience that is proper to the atmosphere of your celebration. Our ultimate goal is to indulge the limits of your most prominent ideas. So, you see, we like to keep things exceptional, and always encourage others to keep it weird—Properly Weird. We strive to be the proper level of weird. If your weird factor has perimeters, let’s explore those limits so that we can honor the declaration of our brand.

P.S. We strive to accommodate special requests and themes within every provided photographic experience. Please keep in mind that our props are an evolving stock. Many are unusual, some are handmade.

 We are licensed, insured, and fully schooled in creativity. True story!