For the Win, WENCOR #hiredtheweirdos!

Properly Weird, the ultimate Atlanta photo booth, joined WENCOR for their GOAT holiday party! 

(Word: Greatest of All Time, but you knew that. Right?).

If your parties don't scream EPIC, you should #hiretheweirdos!

When Properly Weird shows up with it's photo booth, this is the type of ish that goes down as a W. 

That's a dub FTW!

Granny got turnt! She's our kind of gal!

Damn, Gina; too Snatched to handle! 

Santa is always on fleek!

HUNDO P dub on the sweater! (100% Win!)

BTW, that guy with the pink hair is our #1 DJ!

Properly Weird knows that every holiday photo booth should have a Christmas duck!

To see the rest of the Properly Weird photo booth pics from this event, click on any of the images above.

This GOAT was sponsored by WENCOR and brought to you by Properly Weird Atlanta Photo Booth.

Happy Holidays, and Grande Love from Tallulah!