Throwing it back 80's style!

This throw back to the 80's company party was H.E.A.T!

Free downloads are just a little further down this page!

There's a video too!

It's where all the cool kids hung out!

Your favorite weirdos were on the scene!

Tha's Russell, in his 1982 glasses, and his 1986 felt & leather hat, chasing me with his 1984 video camera. He was Hank JR.

I, of course, elected to be Hank's live-in-lover!

Hank was nominated "Best" of something, and in multiple categories, at every Grammy for the entire decade. In 1989 he earned a Grammy for "Entertainer of The Year."

Congrats Hank! Your music is awesome! Russell has better hair!
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Enjoy the video!
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