The Fosters Jumped the Broom!

Guess who got hitched?

Kennah & Chris did!

They held their hand-fasting in one of their favorite places... the Woodlands!


Family and friends camped before and after the hand-fasting. So did we, and it was an awesome experience! The new Mrs. Foster's dad, two younger bros, and younger sis camped too!

Dad was enjoying the weather!

There were drum circles, various ceremonies, and even a small put 'n take! It was the most laid-back, yet coolest wedding ever; I recommend it to EVERYone!

Kennah's Dad was a real treat!

Chris was truly groovin'!

 Kennah rocked her pre-hitching outfit, and OWNED MAXIMUM EFFORT!

This Chick made Chris look like a rock star! I mean, did you see his hair!?


The happy couple. Photographing their big day was a delightful experience!

The officiant is a treasured friend. It was especially sweet for Properly Weird Russell and myself to live in this experience alongside her.

We love you, LeePhether! (Oh, and if you need an open-minded officiant, she's your man!)

This glowing image is one of our favorites! 

The Hand-Fasting.

The couple also exchanged rings during their beautiful & poetic ceremony. Did I say that they jumped the broom? This was their broom! (Credit to LeePhether for having it on hand!)

This is Levi. He was the ring bearer. Can you tell?

He also announced the arrival of the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Foster!

Weddings always make for a beautiful and exciting day. These two though! It was three days of fun! I'm so glad they chose Properly Weird to do their wedding photography!

Thank you so much! Thank you from both of us, and everyone at Properly Weird Events!

For free downloads of these and many other images from this hand-fasting, click on the image above! The one with your favorite weirdo in it!  

One more tid bit. As of this moment, there are some photographs in  The Fosters' gallery, but the Properly Weird editing team has not completed this shoot, so come on back for more in a day or so!