PWG Show 8.20.17 Omni/CNN Blog is LIVE!

With today's post, we are shrinking the size of our blog images.

We think they look better like this; what do you think?:


This trio brought fashion & chic couture up a level for their bridal shopping party excursion to the PWG Show at Atlanta's Omni CNN Conference Center.

Click on the bride's glasses in the image below for the video.

Did they rock it or what!?!

Did they rock it, or what!?!  Double props! We have an automatic echo in here!

The room's got the shimmies! These girls lit the whole place up, I tell you!

It simply could not have been Sunday without them! 

Don't forget to click the image above to see these them light up the room! It will make your day!

Guess who know's what's up in the photo booth?

Oh, and guess which one is on a personal level with Plank?!

Click the rainbow spiral below to find out.

Don't worry; if you become hypnotized, liking, following, sharing, and commenting on our social media will make you a happier person. Hypnotized; but happier! 

That's a bargain! now, click!

Oh, boy; looks like they had fun! Who doesn't want to go to that wedding!?! Pssst! Properly Weird's photo booth would love to make these chicks even happier!

Photography is always properly weird when snakes are around! #snakesonaphone #notaplaneaphone.

Yeah, we're weird! We like it that way; don't you!?!

I have some exciting news to share! Two groovy couples from this post have invited the Properly Weird photo booth to their weddings!

Who's next!?!

In addition to photo booths, Properly Weird also does:

Video & Photography.

We also have a DJ! 


Who can make a bride happier than the groom? Well, sometimes it's another bride! Newlyweds, and engaged couples simply can't pass up some weird photographs presented with the champ of photo opportunities!


Who do you suppose that might be? Never fear! Properly Weird is here!! 

As much as I enjoy blogging about the good times, and the fun things we get to see and do, it's a beautiful day, and I have a pool, a handsome hubby, and a motorcycle waiting for me.

It's time for some sun, wind in my face, and some JB Walker music.

The gallery link is in the photograph below. Just click the pic!

Ciao for now!