Pepps Tavern 10.28.17

Phil's Pepperoni Tavern invited Atlanta's Best Photo Booth out to their annual costume party!

Properly Weird is always ready for a party! 

Only a Vampire can Love you Forever!

Tallulah, one of your favorite weirdos, was truly taken in by the hypnotic love of these vampires! (Any couples out there planning a Halloween wedding? Call us!)

Most creative costume? This guy right here!

 I see what you did there! Clever!

 This event, including the participants, costumes, and even the venue is clever!

How clever is it? Clever enough to earn a continuance to Part II!

Come on back for the More that's IN store, y'all!

In the interim, enjoy these candid, yet fabulous shots!

...but, wait! To see more playful photos of your favorite weirdos, just click on your favorites!

Who's Your Favorite Weirdo?