Meet Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!

Anthony & Trishia are newlyweds, and guess who was there to help them celebrate their wedding?

Properly Weird Photo Booth, of course!

Oh, and us! 

Russell and Tallulah, a photographer and videographer on the Properly Weird Events team, showed up for the blow-up! 


Notice the variety of logos here? That's a clue!

Pay close attention. You will be rewarded with free downloads of all your favorites from this wedding reception! Read on to find out how!


There we are, reminding the newlyweds that they now have a #foreverdancepartner


Wedding photography? No; that's a photobooth! By the way, Properly Weird also does videography and photography!

There's no way to get better, sillier, or more fly pictures of friends and family than with a Properly Weird Photo Booth! Bet!

The guests of honor were delightful!

They went HARD!

No clones at this party; Storm Troopers are the high rollers though, and these two won big!

Groovy love! That's the way to go, baby!

 One of the many Properly Weird team favorites from the Taylor wedding! 

Russell & Tallulah had so much fun at this reception! Ready to see and download your own favorite photos at no charge?

Click on the one photograph on this blog that includes the Properly Weird fisheye logo! Also, there are two, yes 2 galleries of this reception! The 2nd link can be found in the 1st photograph at the top.