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These folks know how to party, y'all!





The Hot Lanta Rockers have a new group pic of the band.

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When Properly Weird Russell & Tallulah got a surprise invitation to this hella party, Tallulah was happy to bring along the Properly Weird photo booth!

We know how to party too, Properly Weird photo booth style:

Happy Tallulah & Properly Weird Russell

Plank, who crashed the party, knows that a Properly Weird photo booth is the best way to catch memorable moments at any party. That's why he likes to hang with us!


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Props all around to this version of Plank, created by a certain Properly Weird son; it adds an artistic element to the photo booth style of photography, y'all!

We are happy to report that our son felt a sense of accomplishment by the love shown to his beloved "Plank!"

 Curious by nature and something of a wanderer, Johnny stays outside from early morning to suppertime playing with a wooden board named Plank, with whom he has frequent conversations. Plank is a wooden board that Johnny drew a face on with a crayon.

According to Johnny, Plank "sees things."

We think Plank sees this:



Click the buff and sexy Plank sticker to see what we envisioned. Hint: it's about "My Best Friend Plank!"

Learn more about getting hard with Plank! Click on this fresh emoji!



Enough about Plank!

#itsmatts34th and a great time was had by all! 




When you're #gettingdownatthecompound #staycalmandphotobooth 

Properly Weird photo booths never reduce your ability to #flauntyourstack





A great time was had by all!

Happy Birthday, Matt!

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With Love, Properly Weird!