First Category Revealed!

Listen up! Here’s the deal: It has henceforth been declared that Properly Weird’s photographic posts, which include videography, photo booths, and photography, will be categorized. 

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One category has been revealed:


We (Russell and Tallulah) are inventing a Properly Weird game and making up the rules as we go along. Our fans are our favorite people, and are invited to comment rule suggestions here. If your suggestion makes the cut, we'll send a token gift.

 Please remember that Properly Weird is not affiliated with Milton BradleyPrefer the parody?


  1. The game shall be named Properly Weird Photographic Experiences. (PWPE)
  2. We make up the rules as we go along. Everyone is invited to participate in the weilding of this rule! (Suggestions Here!)
  3. The idea is to guess (or suggest) the category logo under which the latest featured images on the Properly Weird Blog should be filed. One category logo has been revealed. Others are prepared, and will be presented soon. NOTE: The appropriate category logo may not have yet been revealed for a current featured images. 
  4. This game will run until all of our logos have been publicly introduced. Should we add more, the game will resume.
  5. These rules may seem properly complicated. Call us if you need an explanation. Really. Contact Us.

We now reveal 3 named photos, and would like to know which, if any, you believe belongs in the henceforth revealed category, or if it belongs in another, yet to be revealed, category.


Pair of Lovely Blue Windows

Staircase Reflections

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