Dear Google Doodles, We love you!

The folks at Properly Weird have great interest in video, photography, and photo booth (s), as well as other event entertainment mediums. We're stoked to be traveling to an adjacent state for a couples shoot over the weekend! Until we return, enjoy this little gem:

You probably already know that we’re huge fans of Google. We also love that Google surprises us daily with the Google Doodles!

I bet you do too!

Wasn’t the 8.3.17 Google Doodle stunning?!

We fell hard for the iconic figure of Mexican cinema’s Golden Age,

and wanted to join Google in recognizing Dolores del Río! Her film “Flying Down to Rio” is credited for the teaming up of Fred & Ginger.

Oh the swoontastic feel of it all!!

Click the image below to enjoy a properly Weird clip of the title song.

Close your eyes at 3:00; the clothes fly off at 3:01!


That’s Properly Weird.