A NIPPY Night in the Castle

When the cast and crew of The Originals wanted to have ALL of their favorite weirdos at this bombtastic holiday/wrap party, Properly Weird was on their A-List--right at the top!

Of course we  took up the invitation to attend, and brought along one of our favorite Photo Booths!

We're dying to show you what went down.

Really, we are!

Patience is a _____.

Does your word start with a V or a B?

For now, here's what we can share:

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Mother nature brought on the nippy;

These chica brought the lattes;

Ah, the world is truly a beautiful place!


 Many Thanks to a world full of weirdos for a year well spent bringing out the best in event photography and video! 

To feast your eyes on the growing list of approved photos, CLICK the beautiful, full color image above!

PS You can even download and share them at no charge!

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