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A photo booth allows people to have fun photographic experiences on the fly.


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Twisted Oar 

Rap-Off Featuring Street Sweepa

Rap-Off Featuring Street Sweepa


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Every Pun is Always Intended


September of 1925 at 1659 Broadway Street in Manhattan, New York was the setting of the debut for very first photo booth. Invented by Siberian immigrant, Anatol Josepho, the machine was dubbed "Photomaton." The cost for an eight frame photo strip was 25 cents. These wonderful contraptions were placed in department stores all over the country. Franklin D. Roosevelt was on the Photomaton Company’s board of directors. In 1928, Josepho sold the rights to his invention for a cool million. Josepho was quite the philanthropist and devoted half of his first million to build a 110 acre Boys Scout camp in Pacific Palisades, CA. Today, it is known as "Camp Josepho."

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